Swithland Walk

Swithland Walk

This walk takes about 70 minutes leisurely, is a little muddy at times but is basically on lanes or firm surfaced footpaths.

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  1. From the west (Woodhouse) end of the village walk out of the village towards Woodhouse Eaves and at the road junction keep left. Follow this road until just after it swings to the left and on your left take track running beside the woods toward a caravan park. Take care as these are quite busy roads.
  2. Where this track ends and becomes a path go to your left and enter the woods. There are a lot of small paths here but follow the stronger path keeping the hill on your right. This drops down to an even bigger track.
  3. Turn left. Follow this path for some distance but after you skirt an open area look for a path going straight on out of the woods where the track actually swings left.
  4. Turn right along the road and you return to the village

If you wish to avoid much of the road walking, after taking the left fork in the road you can enter the woods through the car parking area rather than the caravan site track. If doing so leave the second car park area and follow that path running parallel with the track to the hill where the first route enters the woods.